US Zip Codes Map Update

If you’d like to make a Zip Codes Map with selected Zip Codes highlighted, please note that we’ve updated our Zip Code data to the 2014 US Postal Service routes.

Change all markers in California to Yellow in a US Map

Bulk edits of map information has a “Copy Changes” feature. Select multiple rows, make a change to one row, and then click on “Copy Changes” to make the same change to all the selected rows.

For example, suppose we have a US map of locations in different states and we want to color all the markers in California to Yellow.

On your map, click on the Bulk Edits -> Markers menu item (this requires a paid subscription).

Bulk Edit menu item
Bulk Edit of Markers

This opens up a new tab in the¬†browser with an edit grid for all the locations on the map. Sort this grid using the “State” column, and select all rows from California. Change the “Marker” cell of one row to “Yellow” and hit “Copy Changes”. The change is propagated to all the selected rows. Pressing “Save Changes” will commit these changes.

Change multiple rows at once with CopyChanges
Change multiple rows at once with CopyChanges

Highlight administrative areas in map of Australia and France

We’ve added the capability to highlight states, cities in map of Australia, and states, counties, cities in map of France. Since France does not use states, counties and cities, we’ve approximated them with Regions, Departments, and Communes, respectively.

For example, to highlight the state of Queensland in map of Australia, create a map and then click on the menu item Additions -> Highlight Regions -> States. In the resulting dialog, select Australia as the country and then Queensland as the state. Customize your boundary and fill color and hit Submit.

Highlight the state of Queensland in Australia
Highlight the state of Queensland in Australia

This should add highlight Queensland in the following map of Australia:

Here’s the same map with Paris Department (county) highlighted:

List markers within a region

To list all markers that fall within a region, use the menu item View -> Search. In the resulting dialog, as shown below, customize your search. We’ve highlighted the part that you need for setting the desired region.

Customize Search Dialog
Search customization dialog

Click on the “Map Select Region” to select the region for limiting the search. You can combine it with any of the other clauses, e.g., names that contain the string ‘doctor’, etc. You should have defined at least one region on your map (using the Additions -> Highlight Regions menu item) for this to work.

Once you’ve set the parameters, hit the “Search” button. This should limit the marker display on the map to only those markers that meet your search criteria and are within the selected region. To see the count, look at the status bar at the bottom right of the map. To see a list, click View -> Show List menu item. To get a list to print, click on the Print button in the search dialog.