Crowd Source your Map Online

How do I set up my map online for crowd-sourcing locations from other users, e.g., my forum members, or fans?
ZeeMaps enables you to get location information from other users, e.g., members of your online discussion forum, readers of your book, or students from your online class. To set up a map for crowd-sourced location information:

  • Create a new map, add a title and description for your map.
  • Use the Settings → Security menu item on the map to assign an Admin key to the map.
  • If you want to moderate entries added by other users, use the Customizations → Add Marker Form → New entries must be approved by map Admins
  • If you want to reserve certain marker colors to be added by map admins only, use the Customizations → Reserve Groups, to reserve the colors
  • You are now ready to invite others to add locations to your map. If you have a website where you want them to add entries, use the Print or Share → Publish in Website menu item to get the HTML code to publish the map in your website. Make sure you check the box for “Allow Additions” to get an ADD button on the published map.
  • If you do not have a website to publish the map, use the previous step, but just get the SRC URL from the iframe code and send that URL to your members.

How do I approve or reject entries added by other users?
For crowdsourced maps, you can moderate additions with the “Pending Markers” feature. Use ‘Customizations -→ Add Marker Form -→ New entries must be approved by Map Admins’ to enable this feature on your map. (Make sure you have set an admin password for your map using Settings -→ Security. ) Now, when a non-Admin person adds a marker on the map, it will not be added to the map automatically, but will be in a “Pending Approval” state. Map admins can check for such markers using “View -→ Pending Approval”. This will show all markers that are waiting to be approved. Admins can move, change or delete any of these markers, as you would edit a marker on ZeeMaps. Once you are satisfied with the remaining set of pending markers, use the menu items “Additions -→ Approve Pending” to add them all to the map.

How do I reserve certain colored markers for map admins?
You can set up your map such that only users with Admin keys can assign markers to the “reserved groups.” This can come in handy for crowdsourced maps, where you want to restrict certain marker groups as, e.g., Editor’s Picks.

To reserve a group of markers, use the Customizations -→ Reserve Groups menu item to select the marker groups that you want to reserve.