Map software for Google Spreadsheets

Map Software for Google Spreadsheets

How do I upload my Google Spreadsheet data to a map?
To upload a Google spreadsheet, go to Additions → Add (Upload) Multiple Markers on your map, and select the Google Spreadsheets option. In the resulting dialog, click on the Fetch My Spreadsheets button to get a list of your current spreadsheets in Google.
You will have to grant ZeeMaps access to your spreadsheets. We ask for permission to access your spreadsheets now, and in the future, in case you want ZeeMaps to periodically update your map as the spreadsheet changes. You can revoke this right, at any time. Note that for the periodic updates to work, you must not change the header row of your spreadsheet.
Once you have selected the spreadsheet to use, ZeeMaps asks you to confirm the column headings to fields on the map. You can check the option to periodically update the map from the spreadsheet.
You will be notified by email when your data is uploaded. (Larger spreadsheets can take an hour or so.) See section on spreadsheet upload for more information on column mappings.

Can I set up automatic updates from a Google Spreadsheet?
You can setup automatic updates from your Google Spreadsheet. First fetch your spreadsheet using Additions → Add (Upload) Multiple Markers → Google Spreadsheet. In the second step of the upload process, when you set up the column mappings for your spreadsheet, make sure you check the box that says “Regularly update from Google Spreadsheet”.

How often are spreadsheets sync’d?
We update the data on your map from your spreadsheet every 5 hours, starting at 0:00 UTC.

Do you sync my spreadsheet with the map data?
No, if you make any changes to the entries on the map, those will not be reflected in your spreadsheet. The automatic updates work from the spreadsheets to map, but not the other way around.