Privacy and Security

Will Zee Source sell my personal information?
Zee Source respects user privacy, and will not trade, sell or rent your personal information without your express approval. However, we may collect and/or provide aggregate statistics about its Web site and users to other parties. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

How do I prevent users from viewing and changing my map entries?
ZeeMaps allows you to lock individual maps. A locked map can have up to three keys, so you have complete control over who can view or modify your maps. All keys are initially empty, and can be set during or after map creation.

Admin key – allows users to change map properties and add, modify, or delete map entries.

To set keys, go to Settings > Security:

  • Admin key – allows users to change map properties and add, modify, or delete map entries.
  • Member key – allows you to identify group members that can add and modify map entries, and view entry details. You can also prevent group members from modifying entries by de-selecting the “Members Can Change Entries” checkbox.
  • Viewer key – provides users the ability to view the details of map entries, but does not allow them to make additions or modifications. Leave the key empty if you want anyone to see details of entries on your map.

Check Private Map if you want users to unlock the map with a key before they can see any map entry.

Remember to specify a contact email for your map so we can inform you of your keys in case you forget them.

How do I keep maps private for confidential data with HTTPS support?
Change “http” in the map URL to “https.”

Can I hide sensitive information like street addresses, phone numbers, and emails from showing in information bubbles?
You can adjust the info shown for a marker by going to Customizations > Info Bubble.